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Pink House Cares… a View from a Plane.

As I sit here, 35,000 feet above the earth, I struggle with a simple way to talk about Pink House and Fair trade. Mostly, because to me, it is much more than an emblem we can attach to our website, and a logo we can add to our catalog.

So I have decided to write this personally, to you from me. I am the owner of Pink House. I have been involved in overseas buying in one form or another, in 4 major Asian nations, since 1989. I have worked for two major importers each that brought in a minimum of 1,000 containers of product from overseas a year. Both companies enjoyed great reputations with our overseas suppliers.

My husband and I started Pink House with our core values firmly at the forefront of how we would approach our customers, sales people, employees and our vendors. For the sake of this topic, I will concentrate on our vendors.

It is really simple, we pay our bills.  We agree on a fair price, we ask for good quality and we pay our bills.  We keep them informed and we ask them about local conditions and we pay our bills. Oh, and we pay our bills on time.  And if they get into a situation where they have a problem, we help them out and we pay our bills. We know that in honoring our obligations as responsible buyers we have the power to protect entire village, not just one person.

In all these years that I have been creating, sourcing and buying overseas; the biggest issue is late paying importers at the factory level…even worse, non-paying importers. In the short time since we started Pink House, we have seen two potentially crippling debts left unpaid for one of our factories… that means that bead makers and beaders are left unpaid. In both instances, we immediately advanced them the money they needed to get back on a sure footing.

There are many things we do, that I will not write about. We do them because it is the right thing to do, not because we need something to write on our website. It is a personal commitment of ours.

In developing nations, families are one illness or situation away from peril. What would be a simple situation in the West - is magnified overseas. We make sure that peril does not affect anyone who works for us, or is in our extended Pink House family. We look for the opportunities to make a difference for a lifetime, not just a day.

Every overseas trip is a time to check in… are people OK? How has the economy effected them or their business and what do we need to do going forward to insure their success? They are our partners, not just suppliers.

In this complicated world, we take it to a simpler level. We live up to our commitments, always pay a fair market price, and care for those that take care of us.

Our hope is that whoever we touch with all we do in business is fair and good, worldwide.

Lisa Garton